Moore Industrial Hardware on MRO

MRO Hardware is part of the OneMonroe family, and Moore Industrial Hardware is now joining the team. For decades, they have been a trusted name in the world of industrial hardware. This full-service industrial hardware supplier has consistently delivered quality products and exceptional service. With a vast inventory boasting over 20,000 items, Moore Industrial Hardware has empowered businesses with reduced downtime, lower inventory costs, and access to a variety of hardware.

All About Moore Industrial Hardware

Founded in 1983 as the Paul Moore Company, this enterprise has evolved into Moore Industrial Hardware. Then, over the years, they have expanded their product range and services, becoming a one-stop destination for businesses seeking reliable hardware supplies. They have over 150 suppliers who are leaders in their field. Additionally, the 20,000 product inventory are listed in a 600-page catalog, complete with drawings and diagrams explaining their application and size.

The Advantages of Moore Industrial Hardware

Joining the OneMonroe family brings Moore Industrial Hardware’s legacy of excellence to even greater heights. While being part of this dynamic community, they can enhance their service capabilities and reach an even wider audience. This collaboration translates into more convenience and value for their customers.

Prime Products

They excel in offering a wide range of industrial hardware, including:

  • Door Checks: Ensuring smooth and controlled closing of doors, door checks are essential for safety and convenience in various settings.
  • Handles: Handles play a crucial role in providing a secure grip and efficient operation for doors, cabinets, and enclosures.
  • Door Panel Locks & Latches: These components are vital for securing doors and panels in place, ensuring the safety and integrity of enclosures.
  • Hinges: Hinges are the unsung heroes of doors and gates, providing smooth and reliable movement.
  • Catches: Catches are essential for keeping doors and panels securely closed, contributing to the overall safety and functionality of equipment and enclosures.


In conclusion, as Moore Industrial Hardware joins the OneMonroe family, their legacy of excellence and commitment to providing top-quality industrial hardware continues. With an extensive inventory and a wide variety of prime products, they remain dedicated to serving businesses with convenience and value. This exciting collaboration is a testament to their ongoing pursuit of excellence in the industrial hardware industry.

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