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MRO Hardware and OneMonroe Titan are part of the OneMonroe family. OneMonroe Titan leads the market in providing solar connectors through our OneMonroe Titan website. We have an extensive product range that is tailored to cater to the multifaceted requirements of our customers, featuring renowned brands such as Staubli, Amphenol, Jinko, QC, among others. Our partnerships with manufacturers and distributors span across the United States and around the globe, facilitating access to a wide array of UL-listed products for your unique needs.

Our Solar Connector Brands

Amphenol Connectors

At Titan, we provide a broad range of Amphenol connectors, encompassing H4 branch connectors, H4 PV connectors, as well as RadCrimp solar splice connectors. Our assortment also includes UTX female connectors for #8, #12/10, and male connectors for #8, #12/10. Additionally, we supply male/female sets of H4 connectors tailored for #8 and #10. These connectors boast impressive features such as high voltage ratings, minimal contact resistance, and enduring resistance to UV and Ozone.


We offer both male and female Bizlink S418-61E-042 connectors, crimping pliers 10/12/14 AWG, and Sunbolt’s 20 WG solar connector pair. The crimping pliers work with the Bizlink connectors and Bizlink is ranked 2nd out of 14 UL-listed PV connector companies who participated in 2011 lockable connector tests conducted by PHOTON.


We offer the Jinko PV-JK-03M for male or female connectors and they are also available as a set. These solar connectors are designed for use with #10 AWG or #12 AWG stranded wire.

Lapp Epic Solar

We offer both 4Plus female and male connectors in 8, 12/10, and 14 AWG. These connectors from LAPP are used for weatherproofing cables of photovoltaic systems. These connectors provide low contact resistance for efficient power transmission and use a crimp connection for reliable field mounting.

Leoni Connectors

We offer the LSC-R1 BETAsolar PV connector male and female sold separately or as a pair. These solar panel connectors are UL and TUV rated. Our connectors also include inner contact.


The QC solar connector C4.10-CD male/female set is TUV and UL approved and is rated for 1500V. These connectors work with 14, 12, and 10 AWG wires.


We have both male and female plug/socket and terminals for 7mm or 7.5mm available along with the SMK solar crimp tool. These connectors are reliable in all weather conditions and can be closed waterproof.

Staubli Multi-Contact

We offer an extensive product line from Staubli including male/female locking connectors, male and female bulk heads, couplers, branch connectors, contact socket and pins, multi-contact sealing caps, and connector tools. With such a large variety, we can make sure to find the best fit for your needs. From positive or negative connectors to in-line fuses, we can help find the best multi-contact connector for the job.

TE Connectivity

We have a few different TE connectivity connectors including the Solarlok PV4-S connector 1500V, the PV4 Multiple function field tool, the PV4 female cable coupler plus polarity, and the male cable coupler minus polarity.

Tlian (T4 Canadian)

Our Tlian products we offer include the male and female connector sold separately or as a set, and the field tool kit and disconnect tool. These connectors use high quality materials, lower contact resistance, and higher current transfer capability.

Tonglin Electric

Our Tonglin electric line offers the male minus connect, female plus connector, the male and female set, and a variety of crimp tools in various AWG sizes from 8-14. These connectors are flame retardant grade UL94-VO and are TUV and UL certified.

Trina TS4 Connectors

Our Trina solar product line offers the male and female connector 12/10 AWG, sold separately or as a set, and also the TS4 crimping tool for 12/10 AWG, and the TS4 spanner wrench tool.

Xinhui PV Connectors

We offer the male/female pair connectors for #10 or #12 AWG wire. We also have the PV-JM608 UV-resistant connector and the photovoltaic connect LJQ-3-CSY.


We offer the Yukita female plug and terminal and the Yukita male socket and terminal. Both connectors can be assembled quickly by a contractor allowing for the assembly of custom cables at the job site.


Some of the other products we offer are the BYD America PV-TS02 male/female pair, GZX male and female 10 AWG connector, Holysun PV connector, Longi solar connect PV-KR5, Renhe solar 05-6 Photovoltaic, Sunter solar connector, Wintersun C-01 PV connector, and the Twinsel PV-SY02 PV connector.

Why OneMonroe?

At OneMonroe Titan, we understand that the heart of every successful solar installation lies in the quality of its connectors. With an extensive range of products from top-tier brands, we offer a comprehensive selection of connectors designed to meet all your solar needs. We actively demonstrate our commitment to quality and diversity through our wide-ranging collection, which includes everything from Amphenol connectors to Yukita terminals. In collaborating with us, you gain access to UL-listed products trusted by businesses worldwide. At OneMonroe Titan, we don’t just sell products; we provide unmatched customer service, ensuring that every purchase comes with expert advice and guidance. When you choose us for your solar connector needs, we guarantee the reliability, versatility, and durability of your solar installations.

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