Custom Wire Harness from OneMonroe

MRO Hardware and OneMonroe Titan are part of the OneMonroe family and Titan offers custom wire harness solutions. Although we have a wide variety of products to choose from, sometimes your applications may need customization. That is why we offer a customizable option so that we can meet the needs of very specific requests. We offer a quality solution for custom jumpers, adapters, and cable harnesses. We offer plug-and-play solutions that minimize field installation time and costs.  OneMonroe Titan manufactures several thousand custom PV adapters, jumpers, and harnesses daily with lead times typically less than 3 weeks.

Custom DC Wire Harness

Some customizable harness features include bifacial modules, first solar modules, multiple cable gauge and color options available (#6-#10), designs for 1500V and 1000V, and multiple connector options. These connect options include Staubli MC4, Jinko PV-JK03M, Tlian T4-PC, Trina TS4, and TE Connectivity PV4-S.

Some customizable features for fused jumpers are fused or non-fused, string/circuit-specific labels to reduce labor and mistakes, reeled or packaged properly to ensure ease of installation, and custom lengths, fuses, colors, and wire gauges to suit all applications.

For combiner box whips, we offer combiner box whips assembled onto cord grips for a plug-and-play solution, ready to plug into home runs, ready to terminate in combiner boxes, cables stripped to length, and labeled circuits for easy installation and coordination.

We offer many options to perfectly fit the needs of the customer. We want to work with you to create the best possible solution for your problem. Using quality materials and durability, we work with manufacturers and distributors across the United States and around the globe, facilitating access to a wide range of UL-listed products.

Custom PV Assemblies

Our custom PV assemblies include adaptors and PV connectors. Our adaptor customization includes jumpers, whips, harnesses, wire management, over mold in-Line fuses, PV connectors 12AWF-6AWG, and bulk CU/AL PV wire 2kv, 12AWG-750MCM.

PV connector brands include:

  • Staubli MC4
  • MC4 Evo
  • Amphenol H4
  • UTX
  • Jinko
  • Trina Solar
  • Quick Connect (QC4. 10)
  • TE Connectivity (PV4)
  • Tlian (Y4-PC)
  • Renhe (05-8, RHC2XYZ2)
  • Xinhui (PV-HCB40)
  • Zhejiang JMTHY (JM608)
  • Twinsel (PV-SY02)
  • Longi (LR5)
  • Minghe (MH5)
  • BYD (TS02) Suzhou XTong (PV-XT101.1)
  • Sunter (PV-ZH202B)
  • Holysun (LJ-01)
  • TaiZhou JinXiu (LJQ-1)
  • Ningbo Sunter (PV-ZH202)
  • Friends Technology (PV5E)

Our customization is suited for a variety of needs. Our plug-and-play solution minimizes field installation time, and costs, and helps installers use the connector they prefer while keeping the integrity of the connection.

Why OneMonroe?

Investing in OneMonroe Titan’s custom wire harness solutions is a commitment to excellence, accuracy, and versatility. We understand that every undertaking has its distinctive challenges and needs, which is why we prioritize customization. Our extensive array of connectors, adjustable harness features, fused jumpers, and combiner box whips allows us to craft solutions perfectly matched to your specific needs. We offer more than just products; we deliver an efficient plug-and-play approach designed to streamline the installation process, saving both time and costs. Our dedication to establishing partnerships with manufacturers and distributors worldwide ensures we provide a broad selection of UL-listed products. When you choose OneMonroe Titan, you are selecting a partner committed to going above and beyond to ensure the success of your projects with our superior custom wire harness solutions.

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