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OneMonroe Titan and MRO Hardware are integral members of the OneMonroe family, Titan stands as a leading provider of solar hardware for component assembly and installation through our OneMonroe Titan, website. This includes a vast array of solar wires and cables crucial for numerous industrial and energy applications. Our collection on the OneMonroe Titan website features PV wires, bare copper, battery cables, communication cables, tray cables, and USE-2 wires.

#10 AWG 600V

Our PV wire conductors, including the #4, #6, #8, and #12, are all stranded bare copper conductor per ASTM B-3, B-8. Chemically cross-linked polyethylene serves as the insulation for these wires. We offer many of these wires in black, white, and red, and provide the #10 also in green. We supply our PV wire in spools of 500, 1,000, and 2,500 feet. In addition, our wires hold a UL listing as Photovoltaic cable per standard subject 4703 and 44, have a rating of 40C/90C wet/105C dry, resist gasoline and oil II, comply with RoHS, and resist sunlight.

#6 AWG Soft Drawn Bare Copper (Stranded) 500ft

Primarily used for grounding solar electric PV systems and components, this stranded bare copper, along with the #8 bare copper, offers superior flexibility compared to solid conductors. It’s highly suitable for various electrical grounding systems, including counterpoise grounding, and serves as an effective insulator for overhead transmission and distribution operations. Adhering to the federal standard QQ-W-343 and ASTM: B-3, this stranded bare copper is REA/RUS approved, demonstrating its reliability and quality. Plus, its compliance with RoHS standards ensures an environmentally-conscious choice.

#6 AWG Soft Drawn Bare Copper (Solid) 500ft

This soft drawn copper, including the #8 and #10, recognized for its ease of forming compared to stranded, serves as an essential grounding element for solar electric PV systems and their components. It finds its application in electrical grounding systems and as insulators in overhead transmission and distribution settings. Approved by REA/RUS, the stranded bare copper complies with the Federal Standard QQ-W-343 and ASTM: B-3, testifying to its quality. Further, it aligns with RoHS guidelines, ensuring the product’s environmental friendliness.

#10 AWG USE-2 Cable

Designed for a wide variety of wiring applications, this cable is well-suited for installation in diverse settings such as conduits, raceways, aerial fixtures, and even direct burials. It boasts superior flame resistance, making it a safe choice for various environments. The cable can function optimally in dry conditions with temperatures up to 105°C, and it is also suitable for circuits with low leakage requiring a dielectric constant no more than 3.5, thus qualifying it as Hospital Grade. The cable features a single copper conductor composed of seven strands, offering resistance against heat and moisture. Encased in chemically cross-linked polyethylene, it’s available in an array of colors like black, white, gray, and red for easy identification and routing.

Belden 3105A 22/1P TC Multi-Conductor

This multi-conductor is a 22 AWG stranded tinned copper conductor, with Datalene insulation, twisted pairs, overall Beldfoil shield, plus a tinned copper brain, drain wire, and UV Resistant PVC jacket. We also offer the 3106A and the 3107A, for varying outside diameters, weights, and shield types.

Vertical Cable 059-484

This is a high-performance category-5E cable by Vertical Cable. This is a dual jacket, UV-rated, 8-conductor, 24AWG, and solid-bare copper. Our inventory also includes the Vertical Cable 059-486, which you can use for direct burial since it is waterproof.

 6/2 Tray Cable No Ground VNTC

We offer a variety of different multi-conductor cables including the 8/2, 14/1, 16/2, and 18/2 tray cable no ground VNTC Type. You can use Type TC Control Cable in applications where there’s a need for small diameter, flame-resistant cables. These applications include cable trays, raceways, and outdoor locations. You can also directly bury this cable. It’s suitable for use in Class 1, Division 2 (C1D2) hazardous locations and Class 1 control circuits.

10/2 Tray Cable (Flat) 600V

This conductor tray cable is ideal for solar-based applications, alongside the TC control cable, which is perfect when you require a cable that is flame-resistant and has a small diameter. You can also directly bury this tray cable in areas identified as Class 1, Division 2 hazardous zones. Furthermore, we offer a 12/2 tray cable that shares similar characteristics and specifications.

10/2 XLP Tray Cable Round

This cable is used in outdoor applications like solar panel array lead-ins and subarray wiring. It can be buried directly in the ground or exposed to the direct sun. 10 and 12 AWG are often suitable for array interconnects with currents of less than 25A. It comes with UL Listed, stranded type XLP conductors. Conductor insulation is white for positive and black for negative.

Cobra X-Flex Battery Cable #2 AWG Black

We provide an extensive selection of battery cables, including #2 AWG Red, #4 in both black and red, along with 2/0 and 4/0 also in black and red. These cables serve versatile roles, functioning optimally as either battery or inverter cables. Crafted to meet or exceed stipulated testing standards, these cables are also ideal for a variety of applications, including transformers, switchboard panels, control setups, electronic circuits, and metering systems.

Why OneMonroe?

Selecting OneMonroe Titan for your solar hardware, wire, and cable needs equates to choosing excellence, variety, and reliability. As a prominent member of the OneMonroe family, we provide a wide range of solar wires and cables essential for diverse industrial and energy applications, available conveniently on our website. We define our products by their superior quality, ensuring they meet stringent industry standards including ASTM, UL, REA/RUS, RoHS, and more. From our broad spectrum of PV wires, bare copper, battery cables, communication cables, tray cables to USE-2 wires, we offer items tailored to your precise needs. Whether you’re seeking products for grounding, general purpose wiring, communication, or control circuits, our assortment guarantees you find exactly what you need. So, when you shop with OneMonroe Titan, you’re investing in a service that values your specific requirements and provides high-quality solutions that exceed your expectations.

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