Your Guide to Magnetic Hooks

To hang a hook, you don’t have to put screws or other tools into the wall. Even though some hooks do need standard fasteners, magnetic hooks do not. Magnetic hooks are very useful, whether you want to use them in your home, garage, or place of work. Here is all the information you need about magnetic hooks.

How do magnetic hooks work?

Magnetic hooks are exactly what they sound like: hooks with a magnet at the bottom. As you can see in the picture to the right, they look like most other hooks that go on the wall. They have a hook on one arm where you can hang tools or other things. Magnetic hooks just have a magnet at the bottom.

What makes magnetic hooks work

All magnetic hooks stick to ferrous objects by using a magnetic force. Most of the time, the disc-shaped base is made of a magnetic material, like iron oxide and strontium carbonate mixed together. It will stick to ferrous objects because it has a ceramic magnet built in.

Magnets made out of ceramic are, of course, solid magnets. Even when there is no generating field, they will always make a magnetic field.

A hook is attached to the disc-shaped base. After putting the disc-shaped base on a metal surface, you can use the hook to hang tools and other things. With magnetic pins, a magnetic field is made that holds the disc to the ferrous surface.

Why Do You Want Magnetic Hooks?

You might be thinking why you should choose magnetic hooks when there are other kinds of hooks out there. Magnetic hooks are easier to use than hooks that are attached to a clip. You don’t need any tools to put them in. As long as a magnetic hook is close to a ferrous surface, like a screw in a wall, it will stick to it.

Your walls won’t get damaged by magnetic hooks. Many people are afraid to put up standard hooks because they think the fasteners will damage their walls. Magnetic hooks don’t have nails; they stick to walls only because they are magnetic.

Magnetic hooks are easy to move. Just pull off a magnetic hook if you want to use it on a different wall. Even though they make a strong magnetic field, they are still easy to take off. When you take the magnetic hook off, you can move it to a different wall.

So, to sum up different tools do different things. Some of them attach to walls with screws or nails, but magnetic hooks don’t. Magnetic hooks have a base that looks like a disc and creates a magnetic field. You can put them on walls or other places with iron.

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