What is a weld fastener?

Fasteners that are resistance welded are physically binding and may replace the requirement for time-consuming welding procedures. Premium resistance weld fasteners provide for the permanent attachment of the fastener while allowing the attachment of additional components to an existing metal item. Weld nuts, weld studs, and weld pins are a few examples of the various kinds of weld fasteners. A strong and long-lasting connection between the steel and the fastener can be made using weld fasteners.

For all of your project requirements, MRO Hardware offers excellent resistance welding fasteners in a wide range of thread sizes and diameters. These distinctive fasteners have dependable threads and a track record of use. Additionally, compared to alternative, more labor-intensive hand welding procedures, weld fasteners can save a significant amount of time and money. Despite the fact that our resistance weld fasteners are really simple to install, if you need to do a repair in the field or don’t have resistance (press type) welding equipment, you can still weld these by hand. We are available to give you the best weld fastener choices and application guidance at reasonable market rates.

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