Make Choosing a Fold-Away Handle Simple

Look no farther than handwheels to make fine adjustments to machinery or to open and close valves. Handwheels are wheels that may be turned by hand and are attached to equipment or valves. They circle around an axis like most wheels do. A handwheel can be turned in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to operate the valve or machinery to which it is attached.

Some handwheels come with an adjustable, collapsible handle. They are a well-liked replacement for conventional handwheels and are referred to as fold-away handwheels. Using a fold-away handwheel, you can collapse the handle after use. The fold-away handwheel will consequently get smaller and more compact. How precisely do you choose a fold-away handwheel?

Strong Material

A fold-away handwheel constructed of a sturdy material is what you should pick. The material of choice for fold-away handwheels is aluminum. It is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and sturdy. Other materials are available for fold-away handwheels, but for these reasons, aluminum is the best option.

There are polished and unpolished aluminum fold-away handwheels. Additionally, powder-coated aluminum fold-away handwheels are available. Despite being covered in a layer of powder, they are still comprised of metal. The powder-coated surface helps shield the metal underneath from early deterioration.

Measure the diameter.

When ordering a fold-away handwheel, always check the diameter. Different sizes of fold-away handwheels are offered. It might not fit if you choose a fold-away handwheel that is too large or too tiny for the equipment or valve you intend to use it with.

When ordering a fold-away handwheel, be sure to check the diameter to prevent sizing errors. The diameter is the distance between one side and the other.

Think about the folding technique

The folding technique should be taken into account while selecting a fold-away handwheel. There is an adjustable, fold-down handle on every fold-away handwheel. Since it is really what sets them apart from other handwheels. However, there may be variations in how the handle folds.

If you decide to get a fold-away handwheel, make sure the handle is simple to fold. Some fold-away handwheels only need to be pulled and lifted. You may lift it by first pulling the handle out. It will click into place when pulled and raised.

Alternately, you can fold the handle. In order to center the wheel, lower the handle. The fold-away handwheel will take up less room when the handle is lowered. Perhaps more significantly, if the handle is folded, you won’t unintentionally turn the fold-away handwheel.

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