Installation is pretty straightforward.  For the push plates, simply attach to the surface with the supplied stainless steel screws.  For the push bar, door pull, crash bar, and handrail wraps, apply with the supplied high-bond permanent mounting tape.  The tape is already applied to the copper cover, simply remove the film on the exposed tape and press firmly into place on the desired existing door hardware.  The tape will stick firmly immediately, but obtains maximum adhesion over 24-48 hours.  For maximum durability, we suggest firmly taping the copper in place with painters tape for 24 hours.

Care and Cleaning

The Copper Kills It hardware covers are pure, raw, natural copper, and thus over time will develop deep character and beautfiul patina.  The copper should be cleaned regularly just like any surface to minimize dirt or any other material that might block the amazing anti-microbial properties of the copper.  We recommend cleaning with mild soap and water to remove any surface dirt and keep maximum effectiveness.  

If you want to keep the shiny coppery color it has when you install it, simply mix 3 cups of water, 1 cup of vinegar and a teaspon of salt and it should not only clean any surface contaminants off but remove any tarnish that is developing as well. 

How to Measure for Copper Pull Bar Covers

This video shows how to measure for the pull bar covers.

Installation of Copper Push Bar Cover

Quick video that shows how to make your surfaces safer with antimicrobial copper. Installation of our push bar cover.

How to Measure for a Copper Crash Bar Cover

Measuring for a copper crash bar cover is easy. If you don’t see the size you need please contact us!

Installation of a Copper Crash Bar Cover

Installation of the copper crash bar cover is as quick and easy as the install of the rest of our products.

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