What is a Rivet Nut?

The terms nutserts, threaded inserts, rivnuts, and blind rivet nuts are frequently used to describe rivet nuts. The blind rivet nut’s one-piece construction enables it to be firmly fastened to the material it is attached to from a single side.  Since the blind threaded inserts (rivet nuts) won’t affect the foundation structure of these materials when they are properly matched, they can also be employed in a variety of steel, fiberglass, plastic, and composite applications.

MRO Hardware offers threaded inserts (rivet nuts) in a range of dimensions, designs, and sizes to suit your particular project requirements. These special threaded inserts can be used in a variety of applications and have higher torque strength over a wide range of grip ranges. These benefits, combined with a quick and easy installation procedure, can significantly reduce installation time compared to other types of fasteners that call for larger pieces of stand-alone equipment. With the most affordable prices in the industry, MRO Hardware offers you superior grade riv nuts in a range of materials and configurations.

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